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Numerical Modelling

The Numerical Modelling Calibration Toolbox

The first and most important phase of any numerical modelling calibration is the development of a ‘ground behaviour model’ (a term which describes the compilation of all available site geotechnical data). With such a model on hand, the practitioner tasked with...
Numerical Modelling

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Calibration

Uncertainty in geomechanical and rock engineering problems is directly related to the data-limited nature of our field. In situations where varying the numerous input parameters result in substantial variance in output, models are poorly constrained.  The inherent...
Numerical Modelling

The Numerical Representation of Rock Masses

Rock mass behavior is controlled by the mechanical characteristics of intact rock and fracture networks.  For modelling purposes, the mechanical behaviour of natural fractures can be ‘smeared’ into a continuum, represented by ubiquitous joint models, or explicitly...