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Welcome to the RockEng Team, Dr. Luis Mejia!RockEng is excited to welcome Dr. Luis Mejia to the RockEng team. Dr. Mejia is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English and has experience in operations and research/academia in South America. We are looking forward to introducing Dr. Mejia to our clients in Central and South America and enhancing RockEng’s capabilities and services in the region.

Dr. L. A. Mejia graduated in Geological Engineering from the National University of Engineering (Peru) and holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He has work experience as a geomechanical engineer and researcher focused on rock mechanics and numerical modeling. Dr. Mejia Camones has participated in the planning and implementation of geomechanical departments in underground mines in Peru and geotechnical consultancy services in Brazil. He also provides expertise in geomechanical mapping, ground control in underground excavations, geomechanical site characterization and in the use of geotechnical programs. Additionally, Dr. Mejia has knowledge in programing languages and experience in the numerical implementation to study the crack propagation process in rocks and the fluid flow in porous media.