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Geomechanical data collection training will increase the accuracy of your data.

Geomechanic Data Collection TrainingGeomechanical Data Collection Training – One of the tools mine and civil engineers use to keep their mines as safe and productive as possible is geomechanical data collection. Being able to accurately predict the behaviour of rock and soil with reliable geomechanical data allows for far more accurate and safer rock engineering design, expansion, construction and ongoing ground control and management throughout the life of the mine or construction project.

In order for geomechanical models to be generated and used as a basis for decision-making, a substantial amount of high-quality data must first be collected. Without accurate data, the integrity and reliability of the geomechanical mapping models will be compromised.

Low-quality or irrelevant data can lead to poor decision making, with potentially disastrous consequences for the mine or civil engineering construction project.

Due to the critical nature of geomechanical data, and the need for it to be collected using standardized methods to preserve accuracy, geomechanical data collection should be performed by personnel with specific geomechanical data collection training.

Geomechanical data collection is a highly specialized field, and it is therefore vital that training of this nature is given by individuals that have substantial geotechnical knowledge, as well as experience and expertise in providing geomechanical data collection training to mining and civil engineering company personnel for all types and levels.

At RockEng, our personnel have been training geologists and engineers to use the very best mapping techniques for geomechanical data collection since 1988.  The on-site training that we offer will ensure consistency between individuals with varying backgrounds and levels of geomechanical knowledge.