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RockEng personnel are experienced in industry-standard geotechnical core logging techniques.

Geotechnical Core LoggingFor many projects, the primary means to collect geotechnical data is by diamond drilling and geotechnical core logging. To collect accurate, high-quality data from drill core, geotechnical logging requires knowledge of industry-standard logging techniques.  RockEng routinely log core for our clients, providing valuable information on rock mass quality and joint conditions. RockEng collects the raw data necessary for easily application to all industry-standard rock mass classification systems, including RMR89, RMR76, Q’, Q, and GSI.  By using standardized logging techniques, the data recorded from drilling campaigns can be readily used by the multiple parties involved in a project (owners, contractors and consultants). Standardized logging techniques also ensures that data is consistent between multiple personnel and logging campaigns.

At RockEng, our personnel have substantial experience with industry best-practice geotechnical core logging techniques, and understand the importance of the collection of consistent, high quality geotechnical data. Contact us to find out more about the geotechnical core logging and training services that we provide.


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