Geotechnical Core Logging

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RockEng personnel are experienced in industry-standard geotechnical core logging techniques.

Geotechnical Core Logging

Geotechnical Core Logging – Data collected during drill programs from early stages of a project often forms the basis for project design.  Geotechnical core logging is usually a very detail-oriented, slow, and rather tedious process that requires long periods of attention from the personnel doing the logging.  As such, it is imperative that competent people are responsible for the geotechnical core logging to ensure the information collected is high-quality and reliable, so that design assumptions are as accurate as possible.  This is particularly true when the geological setting is complex – typical in mining applications where ore bodies are located in disturbed, altered, or otherwise “interesting” ground conditions.

The financial implications of inaccurate geotechnical assumptions can potentially be extreme – both for conservative models that result in over-supported ground or restrictions on advance or mining rates, and for aggressive models that leave the owner/operator unprepared for heavier-than-anticipated support requirements that can lead to operational delays and/or falls of ground.

RockEng personnel are experienced in industry-standard geotechnical core logging techniques and also understand the end-use of the data they are collecting, allowing logging programs to be optimized for the phase of a project and tailored to the geological setting and complexity of a given rock mass without compromising confidence in the information gathered.  At RockEng, we can provide geotechnical experts to conduct geotechnical core logging, and we also provide training and quality control services to increase efficiency and reduce costs for our clients.