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Periodically, operations require relief geomechanics consultants to provide ground control and geomechanics support on-site.

Operational Secondment ServicesRockEng provides ground control experts for secondment positions. Relief geomechanics consultants provide stand-in, on-site ground control and rock engineering services when operations are temporarily short staffed due to personnel turnover or during limited-term construction projects. The RockEng operational secondment services provide qualified geomechanics experts to cover responsibilities of day-to-day ground control engineering and act as a resource for the technical services department and mine/construction operations. Typical secondment positions include tasks such as:

  • Geotechnical data collection (face mapping, ground condition inspections, small amounts of core logging and/or planning for laboratory testing programs).
  • Ground support design.
  • Ground control audits (underground inspections of ground support effectiveness, overseeing the ground support quality control program).
  • Maintaining/updating the ground control management plans as required.
  • Overseeing geotechnical instrumentation programs (instrumentation installation, data acquisition, data interpretation, etc.) – including conventional instrumentation and micro-seismic monitoring.
  • Developing rehabilitation plans (as needed).
  • Acting as a resource for the technical services department and mine/construction operations
  • Reporting (incident reports, daily operational reports, others as needed)
  • Inspections of ground conditions and ground occurrences.
  • Review and response to ground control logbook entries or ground control incidents.
  • Review of mining and/or construction plans (ranging from short- to long-term).

Secondment positions can be developed to fit the needs on-site, including rotating shifts, weekday shifts, or other lengths of shifts, as required.

Contact us for more information on our ground control operational secondment services and to discuss your company’s unique needs.