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Our mining consulting services will increase your mine’s efficiency and facilitate technical services.

Mine Consulting ServicesMining Consulting Services – Because they work with a diverse range of clients located in many different geographical regions and encompassing many different types of mining, the expert staff members at high-end mining consulting services firms often have a different outlook from those who specialize in one type of mining only or are confined to a specific geographical area.

In addition, these consultants often specialize in a particular area of expertise and have frequently committed many years of formal study to their chosen field, becoming highly knowledgeable in the process. This knowledge can then be shared with on-site technical services that have a more general, operational focus, increasing their overall understanding, as well.

Specialists in a mining consulting services company are not intended to replace on-site mine engineering and technical personnel, as their roles are different. Instead, they often work in an advisory capacity, combining their specific knowledge and expertise with that of mine engineers and technical personnel who have vast operational knowledge of the actual mine and know its characteristics extremely well.

At RockEng, we are a leading provider of mining consulting services and offer, among other things:

  • High-end expertise in rock engineering
  • Comprehensive, expert knowledge of geomechanics
  • Long-term ground control and rock mechanics support to our clients
  • Constant geomechanics entity for mine planning and operations
  • Comprehensive understanding of site-specific ground conditions
  • Predictions regarding how ground conditions will be influenced by mine operations and change over time

Our highly-qualified team of experts will come alongside your mine’s existing personnel and help to formulate plans, implement control systems and suggest operational changes where appropriate that will increase your mine’s efficiency and facilitate technical services.