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RockEng offers a highly qualified team of rock engineering experts for site secondment and remote site support requirements

Many mine operators and construction projects run into challenges with short-staffing which can lead to increased safety risks, design inefficiencies and/or project delays. Some reasons leading to this situation include:

  • An increase in the operation or project size (including both new development and expansion of existing mines).
  • A shortage of competent, skilled human resources with the required qualifications, expertise, and experience to properly plan and help execute complex projects.
  • Prohibitive cost. Even when the right people are available, it can be prohibitively expensive to employ them full-time, especially when their input may not be required all the time.

To support our clients in these situations, RockEng provides secondment and site support services as required. Some of the benefits of making use of professional rock engineering consulting services in an advisory, consulting, or operations support role are:

  • They work on diverse projects at many different locations (across the country and internationally), and can provide solutions that have been applied effectively at other projects with similar challenges.
  • They can provide an independent viewpoint and fresh perspective to a project team, helping to drive innovation and efficiency.
  • Specialist rock engineering consultants often have access to state-of-the-art technology or specialized software that may not be available to in-house personnel. This is because these tools require specific training to utilize and interpret results, or are simply not cost-effective to develop or purchase when used for a single project.
  • External rock engineering consulting services experts represent their client’s best interests and give advice, assist with risk assessment and management, and measure implementation and effectiveness.

At RockEng, we have a highly qualified team of rock engineering experts who will help your existing personnel to formulate plans, implement control systems and suggest operational changes (where appropriate) to improve workplace safety, increase efficiency, and facilitate technical services.