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Make use of our expertise in underground rock engineering.

Underground Rock EngineeringUnderground Rock Engineering – The very nature of underground mining and construction activities is constrained by the specific behaviour of the encountered rock masses – during the construction phase and on an ongoing basis for as long as the facility is operated.

Fully understanding the nature and characteristics of the rock mass is vital in order to properly plan the construction activity, mitigate any predictable risks, and react properly to unpredictable risks as they become apparent. Therefore, it is vital that people with specific knowledge of and expertise in the field of underground rock engineering are involved in the planning and construction phases and as required to give insight and advice during ongoing operations.

Underground rock engineering is a very specialized field, so it is essential that anyone used in a consulting capacity in this field has sufficient training, capability, experience, and expertise.

The foundation of RockEng, as a company offering specialized expertise in underground rock engineering, is built on our longstanding and global experience in underground mining and construction.  Our underground rock engineering expertise is offered to mining and civil projects alike.

Our specific engineering services include:

  • Design and stability assessment of underground excavations (drifts, stopes, tunnels, caverns)
  • Stress modelling for pillar design and stope sequencing
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility level geomechanical mine design (stope sizing, infrastructure siting, mining method, sequence strategies, and preliminary support design)
  • Ground support design, assessment and review, including dynamic support design
  • Ground control audits
  • Routine evaluation of rock mass conditions over project life
  • Mine-induced seismicity: instrumentation, interpretation and analysis

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