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Optimized ground support design is essential for safety and productivity in underground mines and civil construction projects.

Ground Support DesignAdequate ground support is critical to ensuring the safe and efficient construction of underground excavations and some rock slopes. RockEng has extensive expertise in all aspects of ground support design and implementation, including:

  • Static ground support, where the main focus is controlling rock movements and potential falls that are caused primarily by gravity (this includes wedge kinematics as well as managing ravelling ground which in some cases may require umbrella arching/spiling methods).
  • Dynamic ground support, where the main focus is managing rock bursting and seismically active conditions to prevent or minimize damage to excavations. 
  • Yielding ground support, where the main focus is controlling squeezing or swelling ground conditions, typically in very weak rock masses.

RockEng provides pragmatic ground support designs, drawing on our team’s extensive experience work on site in mining operations and construction projects. Our pragmatic designs and construction solutions fuse leading-edge state of knowledge and industry best practices. RockEng ensures that our ground support designs are optimized (to balance costs and productivity while maintaining safe working environments), implementable, and effective by considering multifaceted factors such as:

  • All geotechnical aspects of ground support design (rock mass conditions, stress conditions, hydrogeology, etc.)
  • Mining or construction method
  • Excavation function and life-span
  • Types of equipment available for support installation
  • Types of ground support elements and procurement availability
  • Local regulations

The geomechanics experts that work at RockEng have the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to handle all relevant aspects of ground support design projects, using a variety of engineering tools ranging from kinematic and empirical to complex three-dimensional numerical simulations. Making use of our expertise ensures that your ground support design and implementation activities will be performed to the highest standards and will make use of the latest technology, techniques, and best practices – leading to a safer, more productive mine or civil engineering projects.


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