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We are extremely proud of the RockEng team of experts. RockEng personnel bring an exceptional level of skill and experience to your projects. Each individual has been hand-picked from industry and academia because our clients deserve to be served by the best. RockEng recognizes the industry wide shortage of personnel with high level of expertise in rock engineering.

kathy-kalenchuk Kathy Kalenchuk, Ph.D., P.Eng. (ON, MB, BC), PE (MT)
Dr. K.S. Kalenchuk offers expertise in geomechanics. She is an expert in high-end numerical modelling, with particular skills in developing calibrated models capable of reproducing rockmass behaviour as observed through field studies and monitoring instrumentation.
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ben-thompson Ben Thompson, Ph.D.
Dr. B. Thompson offers world-leading expertise in geotechnical instrumentation and seismic and microseismic analysis.
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colin-hume Colin Hume, M.Sc.
Mr. Hume’s formal training in rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering combined with practical geological and geotechnical field experience have made him a talented geomechanics specialist.
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cortney-palleske Cortney Palleske, M.Sc., EIT
Ms. Cortney Palleske has a Master’s degree in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University and 7 years of practical experience in geomechanics consulting. She has expertise in geotechnical site characterization, support recommendation and hazard mitigation for a range of projects including slopes, foundations, tunnels, and underground mining applications…
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KLuis Mejia, Ph.D. Luis Mejia, Ph.D.
Dr. L. A. Mejia graduated in Geological Engineering from the National University of Engineering (Peru) and holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He has work experience as a geomechanical engineer and researcher focused on rock mechanics and numerical modeling.
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jeffrey-oke Jeffrey Oke, Ph.D., P.Eng. (ON)
Dr. J.D. Oke offers expertise in underground support design. He has experience with 3D numerical modelling, and particular skills pertaining to developing calibrated models capable of reproducing support – rockmass interactions and overall ground response.
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Anna Perry Anna Perry, M.Sc., PE (NV)
Ms. Anna Perry brings 5 years of industry experience and a Master’s degree in mining geomechanics to the RockEng team. She has extensive hands-on experience with geotechnical data collection, shotcrete and backfill mix optimization, assessment of ground support, and ground control in weak/altered rock masses.
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Kathryn Kitney, M.Sc., P.Eng Athena Pirayehgar, Ph.D.
Dr. Athena Pirayehgar is a highly motivated Geomechanics Engineer with over seven years of experience in the Energy industry. As a geomechanics specialist, she conducted numerical modeling and simulations in geomechanics along with microseismic evaluations.
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Kathryn Kitney, M.Sc., P.Eng Kathryn Kitney, M.Sc., P.Eng (ON)
Ms. Kathryn Kitney has a Master’s degree in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University and 9 years of practical experience in consulting. She brings with her experience in field work, reporting, and managing project schedules, staffing, and budgets on various short term and multi-year consulting projects.
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