Dynamic Support Design

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Dynamic support design is a highly specialised field – leave it to the experts.

Dynamic Support DesignDynamic Support Design – Unlike static loading of rock that is caused by the weight of superincumbent strata (the strata lying above the affected area), often modified/enhanced by other factors (e.g. tectonics, glaciation, etc.), dynamic loading and stress are generally caused by seismic events, most commonly mine-induced seismicity that occurs as a result of blasting operations.

While not always totally straightforward, static loading is, for the most part, relatively constant, predictable, and fairly easy to manage within underground mines by using comprehensive, well-designed static support systems.

On the other hand, dynamic loading, with the potential to cause falls of ground, stope closures, or other dramatic events in the mine, is more unpredictable and harder to manage. First-class dynamic support design and the implementation of a comprehensive dynamic support system are vital for ensuring the ongoing safety and productivity of the mine.

Not all of the support elements used in static support systems are suitable for use in dynamic systems, and even those that are can have their usefulness restricted by maximum practical support limitations when exposed to severe conditions and subjected to significant dynamic stresses and displacements.

Dynamic support design is a very specific discipline and should only be undertaken by experts who have the requisite qualifications, knowledge, expertise and experience to take into account all of the factors and limitations that must be considered when designing a dynamic support system for an underground mine.

At RockEng, we have on-staff experts who can produce high-quality dynamic support designs that lead to the very best and safest dynamic support systems. Working in collaboration with your on-site engineers, we will design and give input to the implementation of systems that will make your mine a safer and more productive place.